Sebamed Liquid Face & Body Wash for Sensitive Skin 13.50oz (2pc)

PH 5.5 Is Vital For Healthy Skin.

Healthy skin has an acidic hydrolipid barrier, known as the acid mantle, which has an average pH value of 5.5. Sebamed’s products match the acidity level of the skin’s hydrolipid barrier (pH 5.5) to support your skin’s natural healing ability, maintain moisture, and protect it from outside irritants. This is essential in safeguarding your skin’s natural hydrolipid barrier against environmental stress. Traditional alkaline soaps and moisturizers can compromise the acid mantle and increase the risk of dryness and irritation, so it is important to avoid them.

A Solution For Every Skin Type

Sebamed pH 5.5 is a suitable solution for every skin type. Formula supports your skin’s natural protective barrier so it can heal itself. All Sebamed products are clinically tested to ensure compatibility with even the most sensitive of skins. If you’re dealing with rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, acne, aging skin, baby skin, sensitive skin, or just looking to maintain healthy skin, Sebamed has you covered! Today, Sebamed is a dermatologist recommended solution for healthier skin in 85 countries worldwide.