2014 – Prepare business idea

Founded the local demands in Los Angeles, the idea of USSAV has been generated then starting planning, marketing researches and etc.

2015—Preliminary Test

Established supply chain, contacted with plant sources and attempted trial sale; built USSAV website and integrated basic online resources.

2016—Official Preparation

With the development of E-commerce market and the demand of warehouse and logistics, USSAV purchased the independent storage and trucks to prepare for the future. 


Formally registered the USSAV company and set up the complete team, from procurement to finish order, tracking to delivery, USSAV cares every customer’s order.

2018—High Speed Growth

Entering the stage of full speed development, the supply chain has been added to more than 1,000 brands, with more than 10,000 sku and 200+ popular products. The preparation for the establishment of large-scale integrated warehouse with automatic sorting system facilitates the generation of one piece and provides support for the supply chain with multiple development.